Reward Points

Our Reward Points Program allows you to earn points for certain actions you take on the site. Points are awarded based on making purchases and customer actions.

Your point balance can be viewed on each product page, checkout page, as well as your account settings.

Earning & Spending Rates

For every $1.00 dollar spent, you will earn 1 reward point.

For every 1 reward point you earn, you will get back $0.05

Earn Points Easy

Register to our site for an easy 10 points ($0.50)

Register to our email blast for an easier 10 points ($0.50)

Share any of our products across your social media platforms for 14 points ($0.70) each share.

Review any of the products you've purchased for 14 points ($0.70) per review.

Terms & Conditions

Earning and spending rates are at the discretion of has the full rights to void or nullify any points earned if deemed dishonest or at the sole discretion of  Point earning and spending rates may change if deemed necessary by  Any and all changes to the point system will be done through fair practice and ethical business standards.  For questions about our reward program terms or for questions about general point spendings, please contact